It's a bit slow

With great excitement I plugged in my new Raspberry Pi 400 - the computer "in a keyboard".  And nothing happened.  For a long time.

I'm not quite sure what's going on or why it's going so slow.  At the moment it's telling me that it's installing updates, but it has been doing this for well over 10 minutes now.  This is slower than my ancient pi.  Fingers crossed - hopefully it gets faster once it has settled down and bedded in.

The first problem was the very blank screen it presented on first boot up.  I used a new 64G micro-SD card and used the Raspberry Pi installer from the website to write the  image.  I thought there might have been a small delay while the OS did some initial set ups but it was (or at least it felt like) 5 minutes or more.  To be honest, I thought it had crashed.

I'm willing to forgive it for the moment since it looks so cool, but I really hope it picks up.  What I don't get is how come my older devices didn't get into this sort of slowness.

I quick look at the output from top tells me that the program piwiz is using 100% CPU and consumed 15m57s of CPU time in the 25 minutes that the device has been running.  At least I found the culprit.